Sailpoint IIQ Online Training

Sailpoint IIQ Online Training

What is sailpoint iiq online training?

This sailpoint iiq online training is designed for beginners and hence introduces the concepts, terminologies, architectural overview, and the installation of IdentityIQ in an easy way to learn. The advanced level of training is designed for the professionals and helps them to learn and upgrade their skills in the enterprise.

What is the process of sailpoint iiq installation?

The sailpoint iiq installation consists of two phases: the base installation and the configured instance. The base installation includes the structure of the IdentityIQ software and the basic configuration of IdentityIQ. The configured model consists of the installation of additional components, design of the extended capabilities, and the configuration specific to the designated production deployment.

What is the workflow in sailpoint iiq?

A workflow in sailpoint iiq is a sequence of steps, each consisting of an activity in which an action is performed, terminated by a transition to another stage. A stage can be triggered by the completion of the previous step, by an explicit call to a step method, or implicitly by a transition. When an action is activated, the sequence of steps begins executing. When the series of steps is complete, a change is made to the next step in the workflow.

how to check sailpoint iiq version?

To check sailpoint iiq version, go to the top-right corner of the page and select Admin. Then, choose About IdentityIQ. The performance of your installation is displayed in the header.

What is the iiq fullform in sailpoint?

The iiq fullform in sailpoint is IdentityIQ.

What are the rules in sailpoint iiq?

Rules in sailpoint iiq refer to certifications triggered based on the rules you define throughout the IdentityIQ product. There are several rule-based certifications, including the Termination Event certification, the Account Expiration certification, and the Identity Expiration certification.

What is the sailpoint iiq 8.0 download process?

What is the sailpoint iiq 7.3 download process?

The steps for sailpoint iiq 8.0 download and sailpoint iiq 7.3 download are as follows:
  • Step 01: Setup the database connection for Idm and Oracle database for IIQ
  • Step 02: Setup the IIQ server with the application server
  • Step 03: Setup the IIQ client
  • Step 04: Setup the LDAP connector
  • Step 05: Setup the Self-service portal (optional)
  • Step 06: Setup the Workflow (optional)
  • Step 07: Setup the reporting (optional)
  • Step 08: Testing

What are the sailpoint iiq connectors?

Sailpoint iiq connectors are the standard connectors used for reading and writing data from and to external sources. There are many IIQ connectors available with IdentityIQ out of the box. These connectors are mainly used to extract data from external sources (Accounts, Entities, etc.), import it into IdentityIQ, or export data from IdentityIQ and write it out to an external source.

How do I run the sailpoint iiq console commands?

In running any sailpoint iiq console commands, we need to use the task object, which is available in every application. We can use the below-mentioned code to run the sailpoint commands.

What does a sailpoint iiq developer do?

The sailpoint iiq developer works with the SailPoint product development team to design and create new features and enhancements to the SailPoint product. The SailPoint IdentityIQ Developer works with other SailPoint Developers and occasionally with outside contractors. The SailPoint IdentityIQ Developer will work with Java, XML, and various scripting languages to develop new capabilities for IdentityIQ.

How does sailpoint iiq integration with active directory?

The Active Directory Integration Module reads Active Directory accounts and groups through IIQ. This module is capable of reading all Active Directory objects and their attributes.

How can I get sailpoint iiq interview questions?

What are some of the top sailpoint iiq developer interview questions?

sailpoint iiq interview questions and sailpoint iiq developer interview questions are based on the following topics:
  • SailPoint Architecture
  • SailPoint Installation Concept
  • SailPoint Installation and Configuration
  • SailPoint Architecture
  • SailPoint Access Governance
  • SailPoint Compliance
  • SailPoint Mobile
  • SailPoint Integration
  • SailPoint Workflows
  • SailPoint Workflow Scenario
  • SailPoint Workflow Exception Handling

What is sailpoint iiq training?

This sailpoint iiq training is for people who are just starting, so it explains the ideas, terms, architectural overview, and installation of IdentityIQ in a way that is easy to understand. The advanced level of training is made for professionals and helps them learn new skills and improve the ones they already have.

What is the difference between sailpoint iiq vs identitynow?

In this answer, we will discuss sailpoint iiq and identitynow, which can be used to implement an effective, scalable, and economical Identity Access Management solution. The comparison between SailPoint and IdentityNow highlights the pros and cons of both products.

The comparison also gives an idea of which product suits better in a particular scenario.SailPoint is a parent company of Hyland Software, a provider of OnBase, an EHR system, and an EPLS provider.SailPoint was formed in 2009 when Thoma Bravo acquired the assets of Hyland Software. 

SailPoint was introduced in 1997, and it was mainly designed for the provisioning of identity access. The federal government primarily uses the SailPoint products, intelligence agencies, and other institutions like NASA, CERN, Max Planck Society, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

what is iiq in sailpoint?

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a cloud-based, SaaS IAM platform that offers a unified governance model across the enterprise. It enables businesses to extend the benefits of existing IT investments to the access and provisioning cloud and mobile apps.

How to check sailpoint iiq application onboarding?

To check the sailpoint iiq application onboarding, go to the IdentityIQ Central Governance page and select the app onboarding report.

What is sailpoint iiq architecture?

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a centralized and scalable identity governance model that offers a highly secure and scalable provisioning and access control platform. 

The IdentityIQ platform has the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the business by allowing customers to buy only the features they require and scale their investments based on their needs.

IdentityIQ uses a three-layer sailpoint iiq architecture to deliver a scalable and flexible identity governance solution. The three layers are the Identity Platform, Governance Platform, and Business Applications.

How to learn the sailpoint iiq complete tutorial?

Sailpoint iiq complete tutorial:  SailPoint IdentityIQ Identity Governance Suite is a unified solution for identity and access management (IAM). It is an integrated and scalable platform that delivers a consistent approach to provision, manage and secure access to the cloud, mobile and on-premises applications, and desktop and mobile devices across the lifecycle.

What is sailpoint iiq console?

The sailpoint iiq console is the central management console for IdentityIQ.It contains the primary user interface for managing IdentityIQ, including collecting users, roles, and entitlements.